Snuggly Warm

gray knit afgan on blue leather chair

I tend to be a monogamous knitter, that is one big project on the needles at a time, but this winter was different. As our world contended with yet another Covid variant and surging infection rates, I stayed home knitting and reading. (Are there any better cold weather tasks?) I alternated between my red Knit Camp knit-along (KAL) sweater, Vivi, and a gray gansey afghan.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines gansey as “a thick, knitted sweater made of yarn, of a type originally worn by fishermen; synonym – guernsey.”

Originating over 400 years ago on the Channel Islands, traditional ganseys were tightly knit for warmth and as a resistant barrier against cold sea winds and salty sprays. Stitch patterns were inspired by everyday objects aboard ship – lines (ropes), ladders, and nets. My afghan incorporates repeats of garter ribbing, double moss, and diamond brocade stitches on either side of a diagonal chevron zigzag pattern; when put together with Berroco Vintage Chunky (for ease of washing) the result is snuggly warm.

Happy knitting!

PS – If you are looking for a romantic, period piece with a good story which also depicts the isolation of island life, check out The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

9 thoughts on “Snuggly Warm

  1. Your blanket is beautiful! I truly admire anyone who can be monogamous about any craft! LOL! I am all over the place and I have way too many interests. Your Vivi sweater is going to be stunning. Are you making it in the rust colored yarn in your heading? I love that color but I can’t wear it….same with green. BTW, I read the book you mentioned and it was a favorite. They also made it into a movie and there is a 2nd book. Have a great week!


  2. I have a gansey blanket in my favourites to knit and now I see this one I’ve added it too. I will be making one of them and mine will be grey too. Seeing how beautiful yours has turned out makes me excited to start it.


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