daffodils in the garden with raindrops

Having barely missed being snow bound in Minnesota by a winter storm that made the national news, the pops of spring color in Tennessee brightened my short visit despite rainy skies.  My unexpected trip was that bittersweet mix that permeates funeral days – sadness for a loss and the happiness of being together to celebrate a life.

Growing up there were very regular gatherings when this family of cousins drove to Wisconsin in a large gold Suburban to visit our shared maternal grandparents or my family ventured a bit to the east when traveling south to visit my Alabamian paternal grandparents.  But college schedules, jobs, and life (in general) intervened and years went by punctuated only by Christmas cards and infrequent letters.  A recent wedding and now a funeral has us reconnecting.  And, I am pleased to have an April trip already planned.

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