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2022 Highlighted in Knitting & Books

Taking an inventory of the old year is by no means a unique task.  It is, however, not something I have done previously in this blog.  So here are a few highlights of my 22 knitting projects (some of which you will have already seen) and my titles read – 82 – although to be honest, I indulged in a number of quick read YA fantasies and enjoyed a variety of easy-listening titles while driving to-and-from Eau Claire and hours spent gardening last summer in order to reach this quantity.

4 thoughts on “2022 Highlighted in Knitting & Books

  1. I am happy to see this post. My December got away from me and I didn’t finish with a recap of reading and making but that might be a good way to begin January. I love all the colors in your knits and Elegance of a Hedgehog is one I never read so I might see about picking that one up.


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