Say purple and Minnesota Vikings’ purple and gold might come to mind and, I would add, not my favorite color combo.  Yet, when I learned of the Colour Challenge (and, yes, colour is spelled correctly as the challenge originators are from Yorkshire and Canada!) I thought of the amount of purple perennials in my garden; purplish accents in our living room; once upon a time, a favorite pair of shoes; most recently, a purple streak in my hair as a “wild and crazy” homage to my 70th birthday; and one dare not check my knitting project page or my yarn stash. 

Celebrate purplish!

Written in response to SueW’s & GC’s Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Purplish

2 thoughts on “Purplish

  1. I didn’t expect to see Knitting wool (yarn)! Why ever not I wonder, it’s perfect and I love the shades you chose.

    Thank you very much for taking part in our colour challenge. 🙂


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