First summer pesto

Food writer, Beth Dooley offers a trio of pesto recipes in The Northern Heartland Kitchen: More than 200 recipes to satisfy appetites. Her traditional basil version of this “pounded sauce” is a favorite at our house.

As reported earlier, this summer’s basil crop is the best we have ever grown and a quick cutting this morning yielded five individual servings of fresh pesto – one for tonight’s 3-cheese tortellini and four for the freezer; so good when the cold winds blow and summer basil is only a fragrant memory. 

Happy Gardening and Bon Appétit!

3 thoughts on “First summer pesto

    1. Juliann – I usually use small plastic containers just the right size for a 2-person household. My friend swears by ice cube tray portions. She fills a tray, let’s the cubes freeze and then stores them in ziplock bags. Easy to grab the amount needed and quick to thaw in such small sizes.

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  1. This is the first year ever than the basil is growing well. New location in a mulched bed. Lots of afternoon sun only. Will try freezing some but really want to try making basil olive oil and pesto first.


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