Staying warm until winter is really over

With spring-like temperatures, the need for wool beanies greatly diminishes although, since this is Minnesota, the weather can quickly snap from balmy to blustery.  In a December Year of Projects post, I reported the forthcoming Selwyn Beanie was in my project queue.  While I waited for the pattern drop from designer Marie Greene, my early winter evening TV knitting was the matching cowl, dubbed Selwyn Petit as it was a smaller (cables only) version of the original Selwyn knit in heather gray.  The Petit cowl and beanie uses a vibrant sunflower heather yarn from Kelbourne Woolens.  Good for shooing away the winter blues. With cowls and beanies complete, now the challenge is determining the lucky recipients.

7 thoughts on “Staying warm until winter is really over

  1. I’m sure Minnesota is like Ohio in making jokes about false springs. No doubt it’s very possible that snowy days await but at least by March people are feeling hopeful about the coming spring. Very beautiful cowl/hat sets.


  2. Those are beautiful knits and I do love cables! I’m in the Ozarks but originally from the North. March can be a tricky month everywhere and can change in a second! This has been a very cold winter here which is unusual and it is still below freezing at night but then jumps to 70 during the day. Thank goodness for AC so I can knit all year long! LOL! Have a great week!


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